Develop and constantly modify and upgrade a detailed VRD/R

Outline all of the currently perceived elements of VRD/R.

Develop a support structure melding grant, contract, and public support for an integrated VRD/R system.

Develop an advisory structure for the Viral Defense Foundation.

Develop a flexible and safe evaluation laboratory.

Develop a research and development organization capable of either directly, or through contracts develop those elements not otherwise being developed.

Adapt all components to be operational in a contained, remotely operated, robotic rapid start up system.

Choose as necessary means and mechanisms to insure that complete functional VRD/R systems are available world wide.

Develop a patent and IP pool to facilitate this project.

Assist in the resolution of third party liability problems.

Facilitate public awareness and public education of the challenges, responsibilities, and optimum responses to viral epidemics.

Assist in discussion with regulatory agencies regarding rules and regulation covering VRD/R.

Assist in informing the congress regarding problems, challenges and legal aspects of VRD/R.