Dr. Norman G. Anderson:
President, and Founder of the Viral Defense Foundation. Awards include: Ullman Award, American Association of Clinical Chemistry, 1999; Two Invited Lectures, Pasteur Institute, 100 Anniversary Commemoration of the Death of Louis Pasteur, 1995; Distinguished Clinical Chemist Award, International Federation for Clinical Chemistry, 1990; Arne Tiselius Lectureship, Sandefjord, Norway, 1989; Career Patent Leader Award, Argonne National Laboratory, for the largest number of patents and for an estimated $400 million in industrial sales based on patents issued to N.G. Anderson while in DOE National Laboratories, 1984; Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award 1983; (shared with N. Leigh Anderson); John Scott Medal and Award for the invention of the zonal ultracentrifuge, 1972 (Previous winners include Madam Curie, Fleming, Land, and Wright).; Atomic Energy Commission Citation and Gold Medal for the invention and development of the K-II vaccine-purification ultracentrifuge, 1972; Pries Biochemische Analytik, 1972, awarded by Die Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Klinische Chemie for the invention and development of the centrifugal fast analyzer as the most outstanding analytical development in clinical chemistry world-wide during a two-year period.; U.S. Navy Special Citation, 1946, given by Edward Steichen for outstanding work as a combat photographic officer in the submarine service in the Pacific during WWII. Over 300 publications and 27 issued patents.