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Plenty Of COVID-19 Virus Is Available Now. Why Not A Killed Vaccine?
Integrated Virus Discovery, Isolation and Vaccine Production System

Dr. N. G. Anderson 1-27-2018, with a forward 4-23-2020

The Virome Project, A “Manhattan Project” for Bioterrorism. III.
Rapid Virus Isolation and Sequencing From Individual Plasma or Serum Samples
10-28-2009, Dr. N. G. Anderson, Dr. N. Leigh Anderson

A Manhattan Project for Bioterrorism: Solution or Problem?

Dr. N. G. Anderson, Dr. N. Leigh Anderson
The Scientist Vol. 19, Issue 13: 10, 2005
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The Virome Project, A 'Manhattan Project' for Bioterrorism. II.
Techniques for Physical Virus Detection Using Microbanding Tubes. V1.0

10-20-2005, Dr. N. G. Anderson

Global Screening for Human Viral Pathogens
Emerging Infectious Diseases 9: 768-773, 2003

Dr. N. G. Anderson, J.L.Gerin, N. Leigh Anderson

Seattle Post Intelligencer Article
Bioterror focus should be on viruses

Dr. N. G. Anderson 2-27-2005